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angel melendez and big band maquina album

Song List:

  1. El Que No Sufre, No Vive
  2. Xiomara
  3. Mi Son (Instrumental)
  4. Vuelve A Mi
  5. Tan Largo El Olvido
  6. Naima (Extended Ed.)
  7. Bailen Mi Guaguancó
  8. Lo Mas Difícil
RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2022
GENRES: Big Band, Latin Tropical, Salsa
ARTIST:  Angel Meléndez
“Gia Fu presents: Angel Meléndez X Big Band Máquina” – Ponche Classic Black

The second drop of the album “Gia Fu presents: Angel Meléndez X Big Band Máquina” in vinyl record format is here. In vinyl format, the album is released as a set of two vinyl records: “Bombo” and “Ponche”. All use direct metal mastering stampers pressing on 180g vinyl. This particular vinyl is “Ponche” which comes in Classic Black and Blue colors.

Tracks on the Ponche edition are the following:

A Side

  1. El Que No Sufre, No Vive
  2. Xiomara
  3. Mi Son (Instrumental)
  4. Vuelve A Mi

B Side

  1. Tan Largo El Olvido
  2. Naima (Extended Ed.)
  3. Bailen Mi Guaguancó
  4. Lo Mas Difícil

“Gia Fu presents: Angel Meléndez X Big Band Máquina” is a Big-Band Salsa musical production. This production, featuring a collaboration of over 30 artists, including living legends and rising young stars ranging in age from their 20s to 70s, bridges generations with progressive styles while still maintaining tradition. It was released on day 18th of the month, a day with special connotation.  The album’s rich vocal together with 13 pieces of brass instruments, harmonies and percussive backing provide riveting listening.

The production, which took place at Rolo’s Studio in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, consists of 11 tracks and one bonus track.  It features veteran powerhouse lead vocals from Tito Allen, Primi Cruz, Hermán Olivera and Rico Walker, as well as vocals from a new generation of singers, including multi-talented Carlos García, Willito Otero, Jorge Yadiel Santos and Gerardo Rivas. It also features an unprecedented all-star group of musicians, including, among others, Richie Bastar on bongos, Gilberto “Pulpo” Colón Jr. and Luis Marin on piano, Jan Duclerc on trumpet, Sammy García on congas and Pedro Perez on bass.

The album was produced by Gia Fu with Angel Meléndez as the arranger on all tracks as well as the composer on a few tracks and with Juan Picorelli as the musical producer.

The record is being released through Kong Records on CD, vinyl records, and digital downloadable formats.  “Mi Son” on Ponche is a special instrumental edition.

For full artist list and more details, please see this link.

“Songs from the vinyl are not available for online streaming/downloading”