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Grammy-nominated Angel Meléndez reappears on the scene with the release of his latest album, Big Band Máquina released by a talented artist and producer from Hong Kong, Gia Fu . The album features lead vocals from Tito Allen , Primi Cruz , Hermán Olivera, Rico Walker, Carlos García, and Willito Otero and all-star musicians such as Richie Bastar, Gilbérto “PULPO” Colón Jr, Jan Duclerc, Sammy García, Luis Marin, Juan Picorelli, and Pedro Pérez. With an all-star cast of 30 musicians, including living legends and rising young stars ranging in age from their 20s to 70s, this masterpiece bridges generations with progressive styles while still maintaining tradition for 12 sizzling big-band style tracks.

RELEASE DATE: 18/09/2021
GENRES: Big Band, Latin Tropical, Salsa
PUBLISHER: Kong Records