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Canton Mambo - Gia Fu - Kong Records


What began as a music research project in 2019 has evolved into a series of dance parties, and today, it becomes an experimental fusion musical piece. This descarga draws inspiration from my Chinese heritage and my profound appreciation for Afro-Latin music, blending together musical realms by integrating Latin rhythms with the sounds of GuZheng, a traditional Chinese instrument… Special thank you to @angelmelendezx for bringing my vision to life, your unconditional support, teachings & love, @bobbyallendeoficial for your advices & arranging the studio sessions, @cm217one for being the BEST guzheng teacher, @musicbymoshup for helping to record my part in Hong Kong.

作曲 Composer: DY Kwok, Angel Meléndez 編曲 Arranger: Angel Meléndez 古箏 GuZheng: Gia Fu 鋼琴 Piano: Adan Perez @jazzmazzter88 長笛Flute: Floro Serenade Jr @florosernandejr 康加鼓 Congas: Bobby Allende 邦戈鼓 Bongó: Ray Colon 天巴鼓 Timbales: Marcos Lopez @marcstick 低音提琴 Bass: Ruben Rodriguez @rubrodbass 長號 Trombones: Juanga Lakunza @juanga_lakun , Michael Pallas @pallasmusic 混音處理 Mixing Engineer: Javier Raez @javick 母帶處理 Mastering Engineer: German Landaeta

錄音室 Recording Studios: Allertone Studio (New York) Studio B (Hong Kong) 構思Concept by: Gia Fu 繪圖Artwork: Caine Wong @mkrkane 特別鳴謝 Special Thanks: Cecilia Chan, Jordie Guzman, Alex Fu @alexftattoo (Chinese calligraphy) In loving memory of my Shi-fu, 陳老師 (R.I.P)